The decision to divorce is a major step. Once you make this decision, though, you’re faced with the prospect of making many more decisions. You have to negotiate with your spouse about dozens of matters that affect your everyday lives:

  • How will you divide your property and other assets?
  • If you have children, how will you divide custody and care responsibilities?
  • Do you need to create any post-divorce agreements, such as child or spousal support?

Decisions related to divorce are inherently complicated, so choosing a divorce lawyer as quickly as possible can ease the burden on you immensely. The legal team at the Law Offices of Shannon C. Smith provides personal and knowledgeable guidance to clients who choose us as their divorce lawyer in Cincinnati, OH, or Northern Kentucky.

Serving Clients With Compassion and Care

Family law is a major focus of our practice, so you can trust that we know the finest details of divorce law. We’ll use our extensive knowledge to ensure that we represent your interests with passion and dedication.

Every aspect of your divorce will be overseen by a lawyer who knows you personally and makes time to return your calls and answer all your questions. You can seek our advice on every aspect of your divorce, including the following:

  • Custody and child support
  • Division of property
  • Spousal support

You can also rely on us if your divorce was prompted by neglect, abuse, or domestic violence. We’ll help you get the legal results you need to move forward and start fresh.

Sharing Our Passion for Law

Shannon C. Smith, our firm’s founder, made law her career because she wanted to offer helpful, reliable legal services to people in need. Her passion for law is matched only by her passion for people. Put her passion to work for you.

To set up an initial consultation with a divorce lawyer at our firm, call 859.414.0543. We serve clients in the Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Louisville areas. Call now to learn more!