Starting your own business or maintaining it is exciting, but it can be stressful. You will face many legal issues that you may not be comfortable handling yourself. The good news is, we successfully handle legal issues for other businesses and can do the same for yours. We have the experience necessary to help you navigate legal considerations and balance those with business demand. We can provide your company with the same care as inhouse legal counsel without the substantial expense of keeping attorneys on staff.

We Are Here to Help

As outside general counsel, we are available to step in whether you need general legal advice, a contract drawn up or reviewed, or an analysis of the implications of any change in structure. Our other focus is to assess any risk, avoid it, and manage it. We do this by taking an active role in your company and gaining a thorough understanding of your business, participating in executive level meetings, board meetings, and other events that are critical to your success.

After gaining a thorough understanding of your business, we are well equipped to work as part of your team. We work to make sure any potential risk does not turn into serious litigation. If litigation does arise or legal guidance is needed (for contracts, collections, etc), we will guide your business through those early stages, and our office will either undertake representation or work to find and engage the appropriate legal representation.

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We will then work on your behalf to further develop and coordinate an effective strategy for the business going forward as a team, as well as monitor the work, fees, and effectiveness of everyone on the team. Retaining outside general counsel enables you to have more time and energy to focus on the business and not have to worry about any potential legal issues. If you are interested in our services, contact our office so we can discuss how we may benefit you.